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Blood and Mint Chocolates
by Adrianne Brennan
© 2008 www.freyasbower.com
pdf 36 pages $3.99 (U.S.)

Rating 4

What do Blood and Mint Chocolate have in common? Merideth, a vampire of the Order. Meredith has never believed that a vampireís existence should be dull however she has never attempted to do anything about it. The one indulgence Merideth has is Mint Chocolate. Now though all this may change the Order is sending Merideth to the luxurious Hotel Paradisio on Crystal Island.

The beauty of the island stuns Meredith but no more so than when she runs across the magistra of Clan Corvus Kalia. Kalia is something that Merideth has wanted for a long time and it seems that the Island on someone on it is willing to give Merideth what she wants.

Crystal Island has a lot more in store for Merideth and only time will tell just how good or bad it can be.

Blood and Mint Chocolate is an entertaining new way to look at an old legend. Adrienne Brennan has a flair for telling a great story and allowing you to follow along without realizing youíre hooked. I sat down and read this without stopping and find myself wanting to read it again to make sure I didnít miss anything.

-Dee Owens
Personalized Marketing

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