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This is an excerpt from "Blood and Mint Chocolates", contracted with Freya's Bower:

For those looking to sample an another excerpt, click here.

"Ah, Meri," Kalia purred. "I had no idea you were coming here tonight." She ran her hand down Merideth's arm, and the contact sent hot lightning straight into her gut. And oh, that Southern drawl of hers! It always got Merideth hot; she found it incredibly alluring.

Oh, I hope to be "coming" tonight indeed, Merideth thought with longing and wicked amusement. Was it the sangria, or perhaps the wine from Babalon's chalice? Her senses were far sharper than usual but yet the room continued to spin madly around her.

"Kalia," she struggled to speak through the haze in her mind, "it's good to see you. James sent me here on a, um, vacation," she tried to explain. How could she tell this gorgeous creature in front of her what she was doing here at the ball, and why? She didn't even know! Was she crazy? Merideth, also known as Amaltheia, the Clan's librarian, at a fancy vacation resort attending a costume ball! Surely the gods possessed a bizarre sense of what constituted as humor.

"Oh, wonderful!" Kalia smiled at her. "Have you been having a good time so far?"

"Oh yes, yes, definitely," she replied with eagerness as Kalia's smooth fingers wrapped themselves around her trembling hand. Oh, those fingers….

"That's good." Merideth continued to stare into those dark, twinkling eyes as Kalia slowly took her finger into her mouth, and with a single nip of her fang pierced the soft pad on the tip. She gasped aloud as Kalia began to suck on it, and at once felt embarrassed at her reaction. Oh, damn those human habits; if James were here to see me now— Merideth hadn't breathed, let alone gasped, in decades—like all vampires, she didn't need to breathe. Vampires took in merely enough air to speak, and little else was required.

Well, Merideth reasoned, she could always say as an excuse that they were surrounded by humans, after all, and had to blend in, and oh, Blood have mercy, Kalia's tongue felt so good on her finger…. "Um, Kalia, I—"

Did I mention how good you look tonight, Meri? came the thought from Kalia.

Her face grew warm. "Thanks, Kalia…I um, so do you—"


Blood, yes. Kalia continued to suck and lap at Merideth's finger, which was doing nothing good for her thinking let alone with any degree of coherence. "Oh yeah. You look really good in leather. And black. I mean, it um, it suits you…very much…."

Do you want to fuck me?

Merideth's eyes bulged out of her head. Kali never lacked in honesty, but damn. She struggled to get out an articulate response, feeling rather awkward and virginal. "I…um…Blood, you're hot, and I…well…."

The Magistra reached out with the hand that wasn't gripping Merideth's, and with a sudden, fierce movement pulled her hips closer to her own. It was a good thing that vampires didn't have to breathe, because at that moment, Merideth wouldn't have been able to do so. Kalia's hand on her ass provided more than enough leverage to dispel what ability she had left to think.

Is that a yes?

"I, well, um," Merideth stammered aloud, "Blood, I can't think straight right now, I—"

Kalia yanked Merideth's finger out of her mouth and with vampire speed, kissed her on the lips with delicious passion. Sweet, hot ripples of ecstasy shot through the vampire as the Magistra's tongue flicked inside of her mouth, and Kalia's lips were every bit as soft and sexy as in all of Merideth's fantasies.

And Blood, she tastes sooo good….

Once Kalia's hand wandered between her legs where she was sore and throbbing, and rubbed at her clit through her gown, Merideth replied. Fuck yes.

Good, let's go then. I know where there's a room we can play in.

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