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Blood and Mint Chocolates
by Adrienne Brennan
© 2008 www.freyasbower.com
pdf 36 pages $3.99 (U.S.)

Last year I had the chance to read the first installment of stories in this vein (sorry, I couldnít resist the obvious pun on the fact that this is a series of vampire stories). It is adult erotic fiction. If you enjoy either of those categories, this series of stories is for you.

Ms. Brennan is working on assembling enough of these short stories to justify producing a print copy of her work; and I, for one, hope that happens soon. As I have noted in previous reviews, Iím not a big fan of e-books (much preferring hard copies), but I am a big fan of Ms. Brennanís writing.

Imagine a pale, pasty librarian- oops, thatís kind of redundant. Okay, imagine a vampire who is a librarian and doesnít get out much (darn, more redundancy).

All right, this is a short story about a vampire on vacation, who runs into another vampire on vacation. They share love, and a ďsnackĒ or two, before returning to their respective cities and clans.

It is short, but the writing is excellent, the plotting is superb, and the erotica is top-flight. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think you will as well. Letís encourage Ms. Brennan to keep producing these stories by purchasing each installment as they become available.

-Mike Gleason

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