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This is an excerpt from Blood of the Dark Moon, originally published by Aphrodite's Apples and now contracted through Freya's Bower:

For those looking to sample another excerpt from the book, click here.

Amanda and Jesse had barely reached the door of her room when he casually announced, “By the way, your initiation isn’t over.”


He opened the door and gently pushed her in. “You heard me.”

Oh, that she did. Amanda laughed. Deep and throaty, it was unlike her usual laughter. She hadn’t been with a man in years. Maybe not since she was a freshman or sophomore in undergrad.

She could stand to ignore the new vibe between the two of them for an hour or so, if it meant the chance to recover from her ordeal—perhaps even relieve some long held tension. It was either that or several drinks. Could she drink again? She had no idea.

“When they brought you in, you were both bound and blindfolded, remember?”

Smirking, she nodded. She saw where this was headed.

“Since you’ve already undergone the necessary component to your initiation,” he continued smoothly, “you don’t need to be blindfolded.”

“Okay then….”

With surprisingly strong arms, he grabbed her and put her on the bed.

“But…you will need to be bound.”

From his pockets he produced the same cords with which she was bound during the ceremony. Amanda fought to keep herself from laughing. She had a feeling that she was going to like this.

Apparently, there had been four cords wrapped around her wrist—with all sorts of meaning attached in regards to the number, how they were bound, when they were bound—and he laid them all on the night table.

She was still dressed in a simple black robe with nothing else on but her undergarments. Jesse lifted her and swept the robe over her head and onto the floor. She marveled at the exquisite sensation of the robe and his hands on her bare skin. Every nerve on her body had been intensified, and each tiny sensation was another wave of bliss.

With an amazing amount of ease, he slid his hands under the strap and undid her bra. She sensed him debating as to whether or not to use it as an additional restraint, but the sensations of his fingers on her body were sending her into orbit around some other world and she didn’t care.

I could get to like that odd connection during moments like these, she thought fuzzily.

I'm glad for that.

Grabbing her wrists with one hand, he reached for one of the cords with the other. First, he bound her right wrist to the bedpost, then her left. Amanda was both amused and delighted. One of her boyfriends liked to play with scarves in bed, and she had enjoyed it. She wondered what other tricks Jesse had up his sleeve.

Slowly, Jesse moved his hands over her body towards her breasts and bent his head to kiss her with such force and passion that she melted in his arms. His fingertips did wondrous things to her nipples, and at the height of their embrace, he sharply squeezed one of them.

She removed her lips from his long enough to gasp aloud at the unexpected sensation. He recaptured them for a moment before releasing her lips and moving his mouth to her nipple. Gently biting her breast, his other hand slid down over her stomach to her panties. Amanda moaned as his hand dove underneath her panties, then slowly pushed them down, his fingertips brushing over sensitive folds of her skin and the inside of her thigh. With a lifting of each leg, the underwear was soon removed. Jesse reached for the third cord and bound her left ankle to the bedpost, then her right. Blinking, she realized that she was completely bound to the bed, unable to move. This should be interesting…. Amanda couldn’t help but ponder how much more creative Jesse was versus her past boyfriends.

She soon found out.

With a great flourish, he whipped out from the belt of his pants a small knife. Her eyes got a little wide.



That one sound he made was enough to relax her. With an ease that she could only describe as practiced, he gently scraped the knife over her body, which made unnerving, rippling sensations within her. Little red lines began appearing all over her stomach, chest, arms….

Then he slowly ran his tongue down her chest to her belly. Amanda waited eagerly for him to continue, but Jesse stopped.

With the knife in his right hand, he moved his left hand to rest over the curly hairs between her legs, his tongue teasing her navel, lower abdomen.... The intensity of the waves of pleasure running through her was almost too much to bear.

Swiftly, he inserted two fingers into her, and as she flinched, he brought down the knife to the area between her breasts and made a small cut. With his fingers moving inside of her, his lips quickly moved to where her blood slowly trickled down her chest. Both his tongue and his lips were maddening upon her skin, and she didn’t know which produced the most pleasure: him sucking away at the incision he had made on her skin, or the fingers inside of her. Sometime during the dual ecstasy he was imposing upon her, she realized that he was still clothed in the robe he had been wearing for the ritual.

Realizing her thoughts, Jesse stopped, bringing his head up to look into her eyes. He smiled and gently removed the fingers inside of her—much to her dismay—but his hands were now able to remove his ritual garment. Amanda looked him over. He wore no undergarments, and his pale and sleek body reminded her somewhat of a wild cat. Perhaps a leopard. The analogy was apt, as he suddenly dove—fangs extended—for her neck. She moaned, half in pain and half in pleasure, remembering the night he had Turned her. Was it only a day or so ago? Maybe a week, or a month. The feeling of drunken bliss overwhelmed her, and her hands sought to grip something, anything—but the restraints were tight over her wrists.

After a few moments, he lifted himself up and began to trace another pattern of lines and blood across her midsection, her stomach—lapping it up with his tongue. The juxtaposition of the sting of the blade and the sensual roughness of his tongue made her eyes roll back in her head.

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