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Blood of the Dark Moon
by Adrienne Brennan
© 2007 Aphrodite's Apples
(E-book) www.aphroditesapples.com $7.99 pdf

First off, I must admit that I am NOT a big fan of e-books since I don't have any of the easily transportable devices which have made them such a pervasive part of our culture. Plus, I am one of those individuals who simply enjoy the solid feeling of a book in my hands. On top of everything else (and I must apologize to Adrienne for this) it is far too easy to put off reading an e-book when I have a physical pile of books waiting to be read.

That is what happened this time. The e-book sat on my computer for over a month before I remembered I had promised to review it.

I have always liked books written be people who have a feel for the magical world. I also like vampire stories. And a book which combines these two themes is guaranteed to hook me quickly. This book set the hook almost from the first page and I remained hooked until the end.

Certainly there are clichés in this book (come on - Vlad Tepes?), but you have to expect that in a vampire-themed book. But there are also unexpected twists and turns in this magico-erotic work. There are some twists and turns which could be anticipated, based on the subject matter. There were, however, twists and turns which took me totally by surprise.

Adrienne has produced an introductory work which promises much more if she continues to develop the relationships. There is a wealth of material to be investigated, as well as side paths to be explored.

I wholeheartedly regret letting this book slip below my radar for as long as it did. It is well-written, engrossing and a fun read. It won't teach you any great mystic secrets, nor will it try. It will entertain you and that is sufficient as a reason for its existence.

I hope Ms. Brennan continues this series and I plan to follow the adventures as they continue. I look forward to the next installment.
-Mike Gleason

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