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My Big Fat Greek Pagan Lesbian Wedding - To Love and To Cherish anthology - out of print
    Melissa and Tara are two women in love and living together in Westhill, Massachusetts. They even share the same faith: Melissa is a devotee of Aphrodite while Tara's goddess is Hera, and they practice a modern day revival of ancient Greek religion. Together two women devise the perfect pagan wedding with both of their goddesses in mind--or so they think.

    Drama between friends, relatives, and each other threatens to turn their nuptials into the new production of "My Big Fat Greek Pagan Lesbian Wedding". Tara aims for a small, practical wedding in order to appease her conservative relatives while Melissa secretly wants a big, romantic fanfare. While the couple attempts to straighten out what each of them wants in their ceremony, meddling friends and family provide obstacles for them at every turn.

    Can Tara learn to say no so she can say "Yes, I do?" to Melissa? Only a goddess may be able to help her on matters of love, romance, and how to be true to one's heart.

An enthusiastic, black-clad woman topped with strawberry blond hair almost tackled Tara to the ground. The collision brought Tara to the center of her universe and recipient of her heart.

ďOh, thank you Aphrodite, Iím the luckiest gal in the world!Ē Melissa shrieked.

Tara remembered Melissaís words with a smile. A week after Tara presented Melissa with two matching engagement rings, a flood of events and planning threatened to overwhelm her.

She didnít know where it began, and why such a thrilling point in her life turned frantic, confusing, and insane.

Copyrighted 2010 by Adrianne Brennan

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