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The Oath #3: Broken by Adrianne Brennan © 2009 Freya’s Bower 16 pages pdf $1.25

First off, I must say that this is NOT a book. At a mere 16 pages (and part of that is the title page and advertising for the site) it is a short story, but it appears to be intended to be the third chapter in a book.

For those of you who like erotic fiction AND short stories AND an “occult” twist to your reading, have I got an author, and a website, for you. Adrianne Brennan has been producing some excellent adult fiction, and it is available at a very reasonable cost from Freya’s Bower (www.freyasbower.com). The most frustrating part about reading a book this way is that I can’t simply sit down, sink my teeth into it (oops, that’s her other series) and read it in large chunks. Ah well, anticipation makes the reading all the sweeter.

In fact, this is obviously an easy way to make Ms. Brennan’s work available, a chapter at a time. If it runs to 20 chapters (which it could easily) it would cost $25 to acquire the full book, and that is not an unreasonable cost. I have had the pleasure of reading a fair number of her stories, and I would be happy to spend that amount on a novel by her. This is an enjoyable series by this talented author. It displays her knowledge of occultism, in a low-key way, and of sex magic.

It is most definitely ADULTS only and even then only for those individuals who have an open mind. In this installment Lila meets her own personal demon and finds answers to questions she wasn’t aware she needed answers for. I’ve said it before, and I will repeat that I am hoping that Ms. Brennan can find a publisher interested in bringing her work out in a print edition (I have a preference for print books, I freely admit), but in the meantime I look forward to each installment of her writings. If this is a genre you enjoy reading, check out this site, and especially this author.

In all seriousness I have to say that if you enjoy this style of fiction I strongly suggest that you add the Freya’s Bower website to your bookmarks and check back frequently.

-Mike Gleason

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