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Here are the reviews for Adrianne Brennan's works by publication:

The Dark Moon series

 Blood of the Dark Moon
  • Reviews from reviewers:
  • Reader reviews:
      Reader Reviews on Goodreads

      5 Stars from Amanda Burns!
      Quote: "I was pulled into this book...and I couldn't put it down. The stuff of legends."

      5 Stars from Mark!
      Quote: "This book was virtually impossible to put down. Adrianne's writing flows naturally, drawing you in and grabbing you before you realize it.... Well worth the time and price."

      5 stars from Skyler Grey!
      Quote: "Blood of the Dark Moon is an intriguing vampire story that keeps the reader on their toes.... I totally enjoyed the book and will look for others written by this author."

      5 Stars from Bronto Sproximo (on Aphrodite's Apples' website):
      "I had the privilege of reading this book pre-publication. Adrianne's prose is carefully thought out and her characters ring true. Every word of dialog fits.

      Her erotic scenes are powerful, I could smell the blood in the air and they never failed to achieve their goal: to arouse her readers.

      I eagerly await her next installment."

   Blood and Mint Chocolates
  • Reviews from reviewers:
      5 Hearts from The Romance Studio
      Quote: ""This was the best story I have read in a very long time.... The sensuality between Kalia and Meredith... is outstanding.""

      5 Champagne Flutes from Cocktail Reviews
      Quote: "I was fulfilled with another great read from Ms. Brennan.... A steamy tale, one you won't want to miss if you're a vampire fan."

      4.5 Tombstones from Bitten by Books Quote: "Blood and Mint Chocolates makes it official; author Adrianne Brennan is a must-read erotic romance writer."

      4.5 stars from Rainbow Reviews
      Quote: "Well worth the reading, Blood and Mint Chocolates will have its readers reaching for a partner to assuage the inspiration."

      Pagan book reviewer Mike Gleason's review
      Quote: "The writing is excellent, the plotting is superb, and the erotica is top-flight. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think you will as well."

      4 Angels from FAR (NOTE: Link contains SPOILERS)
      Quote: "I usually don't read this type of book, but I found myself captivated with the tale! I would recommend Blood and Mint Chocolates to all of my friends!"

      Debsbooks gives it a 4 Moon review (NOTE: Link contains SPOILERS)
      Quote: "Adrianne Brennan is a sensual treat...I will never get enough of. Miss Brennan delivers on all counts."

      Dee Owen's review - Rating 4
      Quote: "Adrienne Brennan has a flair for telling a great story and allowing you to follow along without realizing you’re hooked. I sat down and read this without stopping and find myself wanting to read it again...."

      Rage Reviews review
      Quote: "Brennan not only puts together a spicy little bundle of vampire erotica, she goes a much appreciated step further in expanding the stereotypes of vampire lifestyle and activities, while keeping true to original lore. Altogether Blood and Mint Chocolates makes for a fascinating fun and quick read that is sure to please."

  • Reader reviews:
      Reader Reviews on Freya's Bower
      5 Stars from Gertrude C: "Blood and Mint chocolates is a very entertaining novella. Its premise is original and its characters are well drawn and interesting.... I was extremely glad that there is more to come...."

      5 Stars from Kissa Starling on Goodreads!!
      Quote: "This short story is enthralling.... A page-turner for sure!"

      Reader reviews on Goodreads
      5 Stars from Bronto Sproximo! Quote: "The combination of heat and playfulness between the two main characters in the book were a delight. I am looking forward to reading more stories from this milieu from Ms. Brennan. "


The Oath series

 The Oath, Book 1: Bound

  • Reviews from reviewers:
    4 Tombstones from Bitten by Books
    Quote: "An extremely steamy and erotic read, Bound will leave you wanting more - more of Lila, more of the Order, and more of the magic."

    Love Romances and More's review
    Quote: "Ms. Brennan delivers a highly charged short story that will have you panting, squirming and then running for the next book in the series when this one is done."

    Pagan/occult book reviewer Mike Gleason's review
    Quote: "Adrianne Brennan has been producing some excellent adult fiction.... (The Oath: Bound) displays her knowledge of occultism, in a low-key way, and of sex magic.... I look forward to each installment of her writings."

 The Oath, Book 2: Summoned

  • Reviews from reviewers:
    4 Tombstones from Bitten by Books
    Quote: "This series is fast-paced and so very, very hot. A beautiful and erotic read that is sure to curl your toes and fog your glasses."

    5 Stars from Night Owl Romance
    Quote: "Adrianne Brennan has written a novella that will both make you sweat and liquefy your insides at the same time. Summoned is a red hot story, that makes me crave much more. Magnificently written, and beautifully done...."

 The Oath, Book 3: Broken


Dawn of the Seraphs - Immortal Fire series

 Dawn of the Seraphs

Other stories and short works

 Pisces - Sapphic Signs with Torquere Press

  • Reviews from reviewers:
    4 Heart review from The Romance Studio!
    Quote: "I was really impressed by this book.... The story itself is packed with action, presenting humor, seriousness, and romance at the appropriate times."

Mammoth Book of Hot Romance - "Love Under Will"

    Reviews from reviewers:
    Pagan/occult book reviewer Mike Gleason's review
    Quote: "I got this book because one of my favorite authors (Adrienne Brennan) has story in it, and I wanted to review it. Adrienne's contribution (Love Under Will) was up to her usual high standards..."

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