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Shadows of the Dark Moon - Book Two of the Dark Moon series - Coming soon!
by Adrianne Brennan
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal
    Amanda, a recent initiate of the Order of the Dragon and the Rose, has adjusted to her new vampire nature--or "unlife" as the members call it. Access to the biggest research library of her dreams and her intense, but loving relationship with Jesse give her nights of contentment beyond imagining. Amanda knows she is fortunate, and relishes her fraternal bonds with Clan Gladius and the rest of the Order.

    But acclimating to the labyrinthine politics of the Order proves to be troublesome at best. Huge changes lurk in the distance for not just the Clan, but the Order as a whole. Years of tradition threaten to put a halt to what may be a necessary evolution as the Order finds itself facing its most desperate hour. Before long, Amanda fights not just for serenity but for survival when both a rival vampire order and their mortal enemy, the Order of the Golden Cross cast dark shadows on the future of their existence. Can she prepare herself for what is to come, or is the unlife of hers and the Order's doomed?

    Shadows of the Dark Moon builds on the sensuality of Blood of the Dark Moon with occult mysteries, romance, and intrigue.
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