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Come explore a world where magick, sex, BDSM, paranormal erotica, secret societies, and ritual drama meet...all in The Oath.

The Oath - Book Three: Broken
Genre: BDSM/Fantasy/Paranormal/Angels & Demons
Rating: Sizzling
Book Length: Sips
Price: $1.25
    Years ago, Lila pledged herself to the Greek god Dionysus, and the act of devotion changed her entire life. Now, her desire to serve has brought her to the doorstep of a secret society known only as "The Order". Through sexual magick and ritual submission she can become her truest self and achieve her magickal destiny.

    But the trials of the initiation challenge even the strongest of wills. Can Lila's transformation through erotic servitude bring her closer to fulfilling her dreams?

    Broken: Before Lila can be transformed, she is forced to learn failure. Only by the experience of being broken can she make a sacrifice.

“You think you can handle me? Control me in a rite of summoning?” The demon laughed. “You can't even control yourself!”

Involuntarily, she jerked forward, but Onyx still held her arms. His grip tightened, and she winced.

“Do you know why you were supposed to control yourself?”

Unable to trust her ability to speak, she shook her head. His dark face gave way to a smile that sent tremors down her spine, both from fear and anticipation. Her mouth went dry, and the room grew hazy.

“Because you were supposed to save yourself for me.” The demon reached out and dragged the tip of his finger from between her breasts to her lower belly. The touch of his skin against hers shot maddening, white-hot blazes of energy coursing through her, and she fought to keep herself from writhing under his caress. He removed his hand all too soon, and her breath hitched.

He chuckled. “Oh, they brought me a fun one. I think I like you, Lila.”

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