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Catch the Touch of Blue - Dreams & Desires vol 4
Genre: Paranormal sweet romance

Buy links:
Catch the Touch of Blue:
Freya's Bower | ARe | Amazon.com

Dreams & Desires vol 4 anthology:
Freya's Bower (ebook) | Freya's Bower (print) | Amazon.com (Kindle)

    Isobel, an artist, possesses the ability to see auras around others. This secret has kept her from sharing her gift, and herself, with others since childhood. She meets John, a quirky yet outgoing man who demonstrates not just interest in her paintings, but in her as well. With each encounter he draws her out of her shell, and she finds herself falling for him. But dare she trust him with her secret?


Brilliant blue hues as from a sapphire gem sparkled out of the corner of Isobel's eye. She abruptly turned to see a newcomer—a man in perhaps his early thirties, clad in jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. His clothing revealed a lean but well-sculpted body— not too muscular but not too lean, just right for her tastes—but his eyes caught her attention the most. Dark brown in color and with such intensity in them she could see deep oceans and vast skies.

Such beautiful eyes. She blinked, realizing that she stared. Hopefully he didn't notice. He walked with ease, his hands in his pockets, clearly at peace with the summer day. The heat didn't seem to faze him in the slightest; most of the people shone with sweat, but his skin was dry. His gaze darted around to the various wares on display with an eagerness that fascinated her.

When he approached her booth, Isobel discretely wiped her sweaty palms on her denim shorts—nervousness and not heat made her palms damp. She did her best to smile at him in the glare of the noonday sun and hoped he would linger at her table.

"These paintings are amazing!" he exclaimed. "You did these yourself?"

She nodded, not trusting her voice. Isobel's gaze kept wandering towards his hands as they grazed her art. Eyes and hands, she mused. She always noticed eyes and hands on men. Besides the colors that whirled and shimmered around people, their eyes revealed the most about them. The many cobalt hues surrounding this man coupled with the intensity of his eyes told her that within his head existed many wondrous thoughts and appreciation of life. The blue tones—bright and not dark, lively and not muddled—showed his honesty and depth of character.

True blue, I may have found my true blue. Her head swam with ideas. Should she say something to him? Ask him out for coffee? Talk to him about art? Ask if he's a local? Isobel swallowed, nervous. What if she found out she was a freak, a weirdo? Someone who could see auras which revealed secrets of others? She hadn’t spoken of her gifts since she made the mistake of telling a fellow classmate when she was a child.

Copyrighted 2010 by Adrianne Brennan

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